Jobst von Dewitz and his wife Sybille founded in 1978 DEWIMED a company of medical technology for equipment and instruments in the field.


Their aim was and until today, provide high quality and specialized medical equipment, as well as comprehensive solutions to the health sector. That is why from the beginning were created strategic partnerships with both doctors and hospitals, as qualified manufacturers and suppliers.


With this and service policies DEWIMED SA has been successfully developed to become a prestigious provider in the field of health sector, both private enterprise and the government.

The group also has two plants in which medical and dental instruments are produced under high German standards.


The plant in Mexico, DEWIMED Industries, has recently been modernized to ensure high quality products. DEWIMED in Germany has highly qualified staff certified by ISO 9001

DEWIMED is growing year after year thanks to the variety of prestigious brand products as well as the momentum of its employees. This makes it possible to offer partial solutions and technical consulting services, training, equipment installation, repair and rehabilitation of various devices and medical instruments.


Currently DEWIMED has become an important leader in the field of medical specialties and is identified as synonymous with the highest quality.


DEWIMED S.A has succeeded in creating an efficient distribution network, implementing a new sales and distribution concept throughout Mexico.


Establishing 3 regional branches and the implementation of 6 strategic sale points in different cities of the country has created a close network of distribution and customer service.


The standard design of the interior and the façade ensures the quality of presentation of the stores and creates a high identification with the brand DEWIMED.


To expand its work globally, in 1993 founded the company in Tuttligen DEWIMED Medizintechnik GmbH, Germany. This company is dedicated to the marketing of products manufactured in Mexico and worldwide in Germany, meeting the requirements of ISO 9001. It also generates innovative technological developments in cooperation with prestigious medical authors.


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